LatinAlliance Guatemala has provided legal advice and support to the INVERMASTER business group over the past few months, which has developed a series of projects in several countries of Central America, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay, as well as in the United States of America.

INVERMASTER, is a company focused on financial advisory and consulting, through an in-depth business analysis and innovative strategies.

The Legal Advice that LatinAlliance Guatemala has provided to INVERMASTER, includes the creation of new companies in Guatemala, which developed their business in the country, and through which they tend to position their projects in the local market. Also, this new companies promote strategic advisory, corporate finance and investment banking, as well as supporting its clients in company trading, capital raising and relevant business issues.

The services provided by LatinAlliance Guatemala have been led by Ms. Ruth Olivares de González, Partner and Head of the Corporate Department, together with the Associates, Ara Fialko and Andrés López.

The services offered by our client INVERSMASTER, arise as a different approach to the traditional way of financial advising and business consulting, based on new concept of creating a substantial and tangible economic value, as well as the risk taking by new recommendations and task accomplishment, including encouraging clients to take action by themselves. They have the expectancy to start direct operations in Guatemala in early 2018.

Currently INVERMASTER has more than 60 clients and 200 elaborated strategy projects.

Attorney in charge: Ruth Olivares de González (Partner / Head of the Corporate Department)

Other attorneys involved: Ara Fialko and Andrés López (Associates)

PHRASE: “In LatinAlliance Guatemala we pride ourselves in providing legal advice to our client INVERMASTER, and supporting them in the direct incursion of their project into the country, which will allow entrepreneurial and business growth at a local level.” (Ruth Olivares de González-Partner / Head of the Corporate Department).

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