Marta Lilian Romero de Morales

External Pharmaceutical Chemist LatinAlliance El Salvador
  • Fields of expertise: Product Regulatory
  • Languages: Spanish - English

Professional experience

Marta Romero is one of our external consultants concerning Regulatory Procedures at LatinAlliance El Salvador. She is a Pharmaceutical Chemist and this has allowed her to work as a Medical Sales Representative and be head of hospital pharmacies at the Instituto Salvadoreño de Seguro Social (ISSS), and of the ISSS Pharmacotherapy Department.

She is a founding partner of the Asociación de Químicos Farmacéuticos Hospitalarios (ASQUIFARH) and of the Asociación de Profesionales Responsables Químico Farmacéuticos de El Salvador (ASPRORESAL).

Academic background

She has a degree in Chemistry and Pharmacy from the University of El Salvador. She has participated in several national and international chemistry and pharmacy conferences, as well as in courses for good practices in storage, pharmacology, pharmacokinetics and hospital pharmacy, among others.